Welcome to the toybox.py website. If the design of the site looks familiar don’t worry, it’s not you. This will be customised later but for now and in the interest of getting up and running, I shamelessly forked brew.sh’s site and just tweaked it a bit.

toybox.py is a python version of toybox, originally created by by Jeremy McAnally. Jeremy’s project was written in Go and I really wanted to tweak a few things and experiment a bit with it but since I know nothing about Go, I decided to do a clean-room implementation of the same idea in Python. And so here we are :)

The project is heading toward a 0.0.1-alpha release so I got Mastodon, Twitter and now this website all setup in preparation. Discussions will take place on Github.

I’m really excited about this little project and hopefully contribute something useful to the Playdate community. I’ll post on here when there are any updates.

With ❤️ from Paris, France.

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