It’s been almost a month since the last update and things have definitely been moving forward at a rapid pace. Let’s catch up…

First, I’m happy to announce that Jeremy McAnally, the original creator of toybox, and I have decided to join forces and work together on this project.

We are pretty much feature complete for 1.0.0 and are now just looking for bug fixes. If you wish to help out and you have access to a Linux or Windows machine, please reach out on Github.

On top of supporting Lua and C toyboxes, you can now also provide assets via a toybox (fonts, sprite sheets) either on their own or as part of a code toybox. This opens the door for a lot of awesome contributions to the Playdate dev community by making it easy to share, maintain and use any type of code or asset for the Playdate.

toyboxes can also be installed from your local hard drive now, which is very handy during development. On macOS and Linux those will actually be softlinked into your project so that any modifications you make to the toybox inside your project will be made as if it was directly in the toybox’s folder. I used this to work on a few of my own toyboxes and it really makes development super easy.

Look in the Readme file for more information about all the new features.

Finally I will, in the coming days, reach out to developers of cool third party libraries and engines for the playdate in order to have them try toyboxpy. I’ve started a list of toyboxes on Github and I will update it as new projects come alive.

Happy toyboxing!

With ❤️ from Paris, France.

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