v1.1.0 was released today. This release is recommended for all users.


  • ADDED: Introducing the toystore, a simple way to refer to toyboxes by name.
  • ADDED: toyboxes can now provide a Luacheck configuration that gets automaticaly added to yours.
  • ADDED: setupMakefile command to easily add a barebones makefile setup if you donโ€™t already have one.
  • ADDED: You can force some commands with the -f option.
  • ADDED: toybox creators can now use set commands for makefile and include header location.
  • IMPROVED: Reworked some command line commands, options and arguments.
  • IMPROVED: Dependencies now only update if they are forced or if resolved version is different from the one installed.
  • IMPROVED: You can now easily and temporarly make all your toyboxes local with the -l option.
  • IMPROVED: App now checks to see if it has been updated only once a day.
  • FIXED: If an installed toybox is no longer in the dependencies, we remove them from the installed list.

Obviously the biggest items here are the toystore which lets you refer to toyboxes simply by name without having to remember or type their URLs, for example:

toybox add plupdate

and Luacheck support which seemlessly adds any Luacheck configuration a toybox may provides to your configuration. If you use Luachack (and you really should) then this is a lifesaver.

All these features are described in more details in the Readme but I will also do a few blog posts here to describe some of them in more details.

NOTE: Unfortunately as of today I still have not heard anything back from Panic regarding their bug in the Windows version of pdc. This means that for the time being you still wonโ€™t be able to use any toyboxes on Windows ๐Ÿ˜ข.

Happy toyboxing everyone!

With โค๏ธ from Paris, France.

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